CHUSS Freshers Asked to Focus on Academics and Desist from Engaging in Politics and Rioting

College Registrar Vincent Abigaba speaking to freshers

Hundreds of freshmen and women admitted to undergraduate programmers in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) for the academic year 2023/2024 on Friday 25th August 2023 converged  at the Arts Quadrangle  for orientation.

University officials including members of the CHUSS management and university units including Security, Counselling and Guidance, the Library and Gender Mainstreaming unit and the students’ Guild addressed students on university policies, rules and regulations.

Mr. Okello from Uganda Police force speaking on security issues

In addition to  furnishing students  with  information on academic life such as admission, fees payment and registration, the University academic calendar and change of program, freshers  were  advised on  a number of issues pertaining to  their social life, personal security and the general conduct while at the university.

The freshers were also cautioned against examination malpractices, engaging in strikes, drug abuse and sexual harassment among others that would put their lives and studies at stake.

Addressing the students, the Principal CHUSS Professor Josephine Ahikire welcomed and congratulated the first years upon joining the CHUSS family.

Prof. Ahikire described CHUSS as a unique college that has opened the world to the students in terms of disciplines that are offered across the five schools including social sciences, gender studies, philosophy, history, journalism, performing arts and languages and literature.

“All that is a rich menu that offers you, even if you are taking one course, you can take even an audit course to enrich your experience and also widen your perspective”. She said

The Principal cautioned freshers against bad groups and company that may mislead them into acts that may result into discontinuation.

“You have been admitted as individuals. There's no admission letter that says that, we have been admitted. You should pursue goals that relate to what you have been admitted for and be able to complete your studies”, The Principal advised adding:

“We want to be able to read your names on graduation as first class and second class upper and would like to also see you finally as citizens useful to society because CHUSS gives you that critical edge on societal issues and societal challenges and it is these disciplines that empower you as students to be able to be critical enough to be able to analyze, to be able to address those human related challenges” Prof. Ahikire guided.

Prof. Josephine Ahikire addressing freshers

Prof. Ahikire pledged staff availability to help and support students in their academic journey, saying, students are the reason why staff and the university exist.. She implored freshers to seek help from college officials to ensure that they register, attend lectures and perform all activities.

She thanked the students for turning up in large numbers and sitting throughout very attentively saying, that showed how   they  take  orientation seriously . She called upon staff  to play their part and take their  processes seriously, improve systems and be responsive to the young people's needs and inquiries.


Rioting and engagement in national party politics not allowed.

The Superintendent of Police Daniel Okello attached to the Uganda Police Field Force unit  highlighted the security structure at Makerere university  and where students can   go in case of challenges.

Okello underscored the need for students to keep peace, law and order for a smooth completion of their studies.

He stressed that although it is good to have a democratic society with respect to human rights, the institution of police was established by law and is mandated   to swing into action in case rights of innocent people are violated

“We are very many from different schools. Please when you are in Makerere have respect for diversity, because it's an epitome of academic excellence.  Even the sweeper is educated to his level. That means for you to be educated, you must respect the person who offers you a service, whether he's not educated”, Okello advised

The officer told freshers that Makerere university is built on the foundation of culture, and therefore , they must learn and respect the culture of every place they go to or else face the wrath of the law.

“ I controlled field force. Fanya fujo or make manyanga - make mistakes and see. You will not know the English I'm speaking. I will become very uneducated and very uncivilized. I will carry you with one leg and the other leg to the truck and I take you to police.

And the good thing nowadays they have changed the rules. When you are got rioting, you are taken alone. I will chase you in 100 meters until I catch you  than giving an innocent person tear gas. I take you to Wandegeya and the next day you will see on your portal the suspension letter  calling you to appear before the disciplinary committee”, Okello reassured.

A section of freshers attending orientationOkello told freshers that the red gown  is part of the uniform of Makerere  university allowed  for official functions and not to be misused. He cautioned that at 18 years of age, they are criminally liable  .

“None of you is below 18 years.  Uganda is a democratic country  under multi party system where you are free to try and play into the politics of this country, to choose your leaders. But when it reaches politics. different political groups will come in.  You are not here to play politics of the national level. You are supposed to play student leadership..

In the enjoyment of your rights, do not infringe on the other peoples’ rights that you want politicians to come and organize the rally. Do not make that rally stop that one who is doing medicine from attending the classes. So the main issue you came here is to study”, he added.

The police officer called for discipline and respect for one another on grounds that as humans, none knows who will help or rescue them in other circumstances.

Be security cautious

Okello advised students to be security cautious and never to trust anyone around them or else, fall victims of unscrupulous people, loose property and or lives.

 “All of you are victims of the wise men in Makerere University. Please do not follow people who are telling you let's go and change courses. Do not give your keys to people you don't know. Do not give your telephones to people who are saying I have lost my phone.

You are very good victims. They are calling you fresh. Everything is fresh. HIV and AIDS is real. Makerere University is an adult school. You are free to do what you are doing, but the repercussion is great. There are crimes of compassion. I have had very many university students being killed and dropped on the roadside because of relationships”. The officer advised.

He advised students to read  hard  noting that the future is in the youth.

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